Still Don’t Like This Guy…

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No, I’m not dead.

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Indiana Jones and the…

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

is the title of the new Indiana Jones movie – so says

So…what do you think?  I was hoping for Indiana Jones and the Search for Preperation H.  But, you can’t win ’em all.


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Al Gore, Hypocrite

I’m sure you all saw this on Drudge.  Here’s the text:   

Fri Sep 07 2007 07:48:23 ET


As former Vice President Al Gore waits to hear if he has won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless effort on climate change, a new video will air this weekend capturing Gore on a fuel-guzzling private jet!

FOXNEWS host Sean Hannity is set to unleash the damning video this Sunday night, network sources reveal.

What a dope. 


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Bin Laden Using Just For Men?

  Gotta look good for the ladies…

OBL just released another video tape.  After watching, I can’t help but notice something puzzling.  Above is a photo from one of Bin Laden’s videos released in 2004 and next to it is the most recent video.  Although he seems not to have changed his clothes in three years, his beard is noticeably darker…


Is Bin Laden the first metrosexual terrorist?  I mean, you have to look good for those 72 virgins, right?

You can read the entire transcript…here. 

In the tape, Bin Laden goes on a rant about “major corporations,” “Kyoto,” and “global warming” and chastises the Democrats for not ending the war in Iraq.  It’s almost as if he stole John Edwards’ stump speech. 

And how about that Noam Chomsky reference?  Not quite the endorsement I would want.  But I wouldn’t put it past Chomsky to cite this quote in a blurb on the back cover of his next book.  Idiot.  

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Mormons Cure Cancer?

From Brandon Muller.

Those of you who aren’t Miss South Carolina will get the analogy…


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Best. Answer. Ever.

The follow-up question should have been: “can you find the United States on a map?”

Watch Slater, he looks like he’s about ready to bust up laughing.


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Thank You, Elvis


      Pure magic.

Unbeknownst to most people, The King himself made an unforgettable contribution to the world of delicious chocolate-covered treats.  Before his death, Elvis apparently invented the Peanut Butter & Banana Creme Reese Cup.  Mmmmm.  You need to try these things…seriously.  I hereby bestow the Practical Reasoning Official Seal of Approval on the Elvis Peanut Butter & Banana Creme Reese Cup.  From Elvis’ hometown newspaper:

Brandon Solano, marketing director for Reese’s, says the brand is betting big on the King: 50 million Elvis Cups and 100,000 store displays are being created in the biggest promotion in Reese’s history, he says. Reese’s has even decked out Kevin Harvick’s #29 NASCAR Reese’s car with “Elvis all over it” for an upcoming race.

“Elvis is as relevant today as ever,” Solano says. “He’s an American icon, and in a lot of ways, he’s timeless. I’m told that at Graceland, nearly half the

visitors are under 35.”

Solano says the Elvis Cup idea was born last summer when an episode of American Idol was shot in Memphis.

It took several months to work out the recipe.

“We went through a number of samples,” Solano says. “We had to figure out how much banana to use, should it be ripe or green banana, should it be a circus-type peanut flavor.”

There are four different images of Elvis available on the packaging: Vegas Elvis and ’50s Elvis on the standard cups, Hawaii Elvis on the “King Size” big cups, and ’68 Comeback Elvis on the minis.


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